These 11 Things Will Help You Do Better Work Online

There are tons of videos on productivity. Most of them are full of information that can sometimes be very helpful. But there are also the ones that can lead you in a completely wrong direction. And for people that are not informed well, this can be a problem. So it’s very important to think twice before you start applying anything you find online. Some of these things can be very dangerous and should be taken seriously. But there are also a few safe ones that you can try today.

A Good Productivity App

This is an obvious one, of course. But there are too many apps out there. How can you know which one you should use? The truth is, you won’t. You can ask a few people or research online, and that’s ok. But you won’t know until you use them. And you don’t need to install 30 different productivity apps. Take a pen and paper and list all the things that you need to have in your app. Install and try them one by one until you find the one that suits you. If you know what you need, it will be much easier to find the one that works for you. And most of these apps have a free option or at least a free trial, so you don’t have to spend any money.

A Lot of Free Space 

This can apply to both physical and digital spaces. But if you’re working online, you’ll usually need to take care of the digital one. You can always pay the subscription to Google Drive or any other online cloud service if that’s your thing. And that is ok because you’ll be able to access all your files wherever you are. But don’t always count on that. You should always invest in a high-quality hard drive. You can buy an internal hard drive so you can have more space on your computer. Or you can get an external one so you’ll always have a backup of all your files. Our honest advice is to invest in both of them. It will pay off much more than you think.

A Healthy Diet 

Let’s go back to the physical realm for a moment and talk about your diet. Are you taking care of your diet? Are you eating healthy? Of course, every other blog will tell you how you should eat healthier. No Way? How come you never thought about it yourself? All jokes aside because, as funny as it sounds, it’s true. There aren’t many resources online. If you want to find the real answer, you need to research. If you have some money, you should always invest in a good nutritionist to get the most accurate results. And don’t follow all the online trends. They might seem to be very attractive at the moment, but don’t pay attention to them. A specific diet that works for one person might completely slow down the other one. If that happens to you, you definitely won’t do better work. Especially if you work online. You need to be at your best at minimum to be able to spend so many hours in front of a screen.

Working Out in the Morning 

Speaking of health, here’s another important part of the equation. This may seem like the hardest one, but wait until you get your eating schedule from the nutritionist. You should look at your workout as therapy. You should go to the gym early in the morning before work. Turn off completely, play some music, and do the workout. And you don’t need to complicate this. You don’t have to work on your muscles if you don’t want to. The idea is to break sweat early in the morning and get more energy for the upcoming day. This is a good starting point and a very useful mindset to have when you’re starting.

Meditation Before Work 

Meditation is a life-saver for many people. Some business owners have a specific ritual in the middle of their work hours. They would go to their office, lock the door, meditate for a while, and then eat some raw food. They get so much energy after that, and they work even harder after the break. You can try doing it this way, or you can do it early in the morning. You can do simple breathwork exercises, or you can listen to a guided meditation. There are many mindfulness and meditation apps you can use. But you can find all of that using YouTube as well.

Cold Showers 

Cold showers and meditation go hand in hand, like milk and honey. If you do one of them, you’re good. But if you do both, you’ll feel like you’re flying. Just imagine the amount of energy you’ll have. And if you’re a person that doesn’t like anything colder than spring, don’t skip this paragraph yet. You’ll probably love cold showers much more than others do. But don’t jump into the cold water right away. Start with a nice warm shower, keep your spine straight, and focus on your breathing. Then slowly start switching to cold water. Stay there for at least 15 seconds, then go back to warm water and repeat a few times. The more you do it, the more you’ll be able to endure in the cold. As time goes by, you’ll be able to get straight into the cold. And once you start seeing the benefits, it will be a part of your overall daily routine. Just like the morning coffee.

Daily Walks 

They say that ten thousand steps a day keep the worries away. But for many people, it doesn’t seem like a big deal to go for a walk or to go running. They don’t seem to find time in their daily schedule to do it. And if you don’t have time to do it, make time to do it. Get up earlier and walk to the gym. There are many situations during the day that we can use to walk more, but we choose the car instead. It doesn’t have to be ten thousand steps. Even walking for three hundred steps can make a big difference. And if you can’t find time to walk outside, consider buying a walking trail and walking while you work. This is a great way to combine physical activity with your work. Especially if you’re sitting in front of a computer for the entire day.

Comfortable Clothes 

They say that suit and tie can make you feel more confident in any situation. But that’s not entirely true. If you’re the kind of person that thinks the same and you enjoy wearing them, go ahead. But the truth is, there isn’t a piece of clothing that fits everyone. Some people don’t feel comfortable wearing a suit and tie, and that’s completely ok. No one can tell you what’s right and what isn’t. The real question is, what makes you feel more confident? If you feel more confident wearing a Bon Jovi shirt and jeans, you should wear that. It works for you, and you feel comfortable, so no one can tell you it’s wrong. 

A Healthy Dose of Sugar 

A perfect tea time is between 4 PM and 6 PM. And this isn’t a random time or anything like that. Someone knew very well what was happening in our bodies before that rule was invented. Our body is working at its highest potential in this period. That makes it the best time of the day to eat some sweets and sugar. So if you need to work overtime and your concentration is not that good, you know what to do. This is an ideal time to get some dark chocolate or any other high-quality snack of your choice. So make sure that you have some sweets or chocolate in your bag, just in case. But don’t exaggerate. We are trying to do better work, not to slow ourselves down.

Caffeine Detox 

If you can’t imagine your day without coffee, this might be for you. You might not be able to start working if you don’t have at least one cup of coffee in the morning. And this can be a big problem. If you genuinely love the taste of coffee, you shouldn’t quit. But consider taking a caffeine detox for a month. And this doesn’t mean black coffee detox. Any type of coffee. Quit coffee altogether. You can drink coffee again next month. But don’t make yourself dependent on it, so you’re not able to start your day without it.

A Lot of Water 

The best way to start your day is to drink two glasses of warm water. But guess what? The best way to end your day is also to drink two glasses of warm water. And if you can drink more water during the day, even better. It’s much better to start your day with water than it is to start your day with coffee. And if you can do some fasting, skip your breakfast, and add two more glasses of water, even better. You’ll get much further by doing it this way. You’ll hydrate your body, and you’ll be able to concentrate better.

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