The Fastest Way to Make a $1000 Online


Everyone talks about making money online today. Ads are all over the internet. You can’t even play music on YouTube without a guy driving a red Ferrari talking about his online course. They all promise to teach you how to make millions while working only 4 hours a week. And their courses are up to $1000 and more. To be honest, that sounds great. Maybe they do teach you how to do it. But what to do if you don’t have $1000 for their online course? 

What Do You Want to Do?

The fastest way to do it is to find what you are genuinely interested in. And not only that. List all the possible skills that you have and the ones that you’re interested in. Now, research to see which one of them can bring you the most money. Maybe you love knitting, and you can make decent money with it, but that takes time. We are looking for something that we can use to make $1000 online in the fastest way possible.

Research is important to see what skills are in demand. You can do it on LinkedIn, Upwork, or any other place where you can find jobs. And it’s important to love what you’re doing because it’s the only way to do it right. Making websites can make you decent money very fast, but if you hate it, you will only think about money. You won’t think about the value that you’re supposed to give. If you don’t give value to your client first, you won’t do great work. And if you don’t do great work, you won’t be getting any more clients. So, unless you only want to make money once and quit, don’t do it. Because, even in that situation, you may not get any money at all.

Visit Skillshare

Now that you’ve chosen your skills, it’s time to start learning. You can go to Google and YouTube and find all that you need for free. But unless you know where to look, it will take a lot of time until you find everything you need. So it’s better to choose a path that will take you to your goals faster. 

Skillshare is a platform that people use to learn new skills. But it’s not only for beginners. Professionals are also using it because there’s a ton of high-quality material. There is something for everyone. It’s very easy to use, and it’s cheap. But there’s a little secret. They offer a 7 to 14-day free trial. When the trial is about to end, go to your profile and try to cancel the subscription. Once you try to cancel the subscription, they’ll offer you another three months for free. This way, you’ll buy yourself some time. 

Become a Freelancer

As soon as you start learning new skills, join freelance websites like Upwork. Fill up your profile and add as much information as you can. This will make you look professional, and potential clients will know what you have to offer. This way, you may start getting offers without even trying. If someone needs a service that you’re offering and it’s urgent, they will contact you first. Especially if there aren’t many freelancers that know how to do it.

They have a new option where you can create specialized profiles. This will make you look like an expert in the eyes of your clients. But make sure to get your ID verification and verify your payments first. If you don’t do that first, you won’t be able to withdraw any money. Their platform is very user-friendly, and their staff is looking to help everyone. So don’t make it harder for yourself. You have no reasons to do it. If you don’t know how to do something, reach out to their staff. They’ll be glad to help you. And they will respect you more because they will know that you’re serious. They are looking to grow a platform for serious people that want to work and collaborate with others.

Create a Digital Portfolio

Having a portfolio can take you a few steps ahead only by having it. Now, imagine how much a portfolio can help you if it looks professional. CV is important, no doubt, but the portfolio is even more important. Many companies don’t care about your CV or what college you went to. Most of them don’t care if you’ve even been to college. All they care about is how good you are.

This is where having a portfolio helps you when you’re looking to make money fast. If it looks professional, you’re more likely to earn even more money. You’ll be taken seriously. Especially if it looks good and your client doesn’t know anything about it. All they care about is if it looks good and if you can do the same thing for them. So don’t steal a portfolio from other people. Be professional and learn your skill. You don’t want to get in any kind of legal trouble. We’re here to make money. And having a professional-looking portfolio will help you get more high-paying clients on Upwork. Even if you don’t have any work history on the website.

Be All Around the Place

Don’t limit yourself to only one website. Create a profile on many freelance websites. Find as many of them as you can. There are websites like Freelancer and PeoplePerHour. They are very much like Upwork, with a few small differences. Although, Upwork is the one you can earn the most money on if you have just started. But you should try all of them. You’ll have more chances, and more people can get to you. You may be limited to a certain number of proposals you can send at first. And it’s important to send as many of them as you can. So it’s good to have profiles on many websites. 

You also have Fiverr. This is a freelancing website you can post your gigs on, and clients contact you. You don’t have to send proposals and chase your clients like you need to on other freelance websites. But don’t create gigs and then wait. Send proposals, and if someone reaches out to you on Fiverr, great. You’ll earn more money. Also, don’t stop learning your skills. While you wait for your verifications, you might as well go through a few books or another course. Use your time wisely. Especially if you live with your family or share an apartment with friends. 

Think Out of the Box

We were talking about how you should not limit yourself to one freelance website. But don’t even limit yourself to freelancing. You can find gigs everywhere. Think out of the box. Find other places you can offer your services. For example, you can use LinkedIn. LinkedIn is created for business owners and for people that are looking for jobs. Your profile is like a digital CV, and you usually won’t need any additional documents. LinkedIn is growing more and more every day and has a social media vibe nowadays. It’s pretty much like Facebook for business people. It’s a great place to find both jobs and potential clients.

Another interesting way is to go to news websites that are located in your area. You’ll probably find many job postings. Many people still use them to post ads when they need new employees. Find their job postings and look at what they need. You’ll often find that they need something that you can do. And it’s usually something you can do from home in a very short period. So why sit in an office from 9 to 5 when you can find 20 businesses like this? You could work from home and earn 20 salaries and still have more time than you would as their employee. Contact them and offer your service. You have nothing to lose.

Another great place is Google. You can find all the small businesses and companies in your area. Find the ones that you think are a good fit for what you have to offer and reach out to them. Most of them would probably reject your offer, so don’t be surprised. But don’t stop there. Reach out to at least 100 small businesses. If there aren’t that many businesses in your area, reach out to businesses in other cities nearby. If you’re consistent, you’ll find your first client very fast. And once you get your first client, everything becomes easier.

Do a Few Projects for Free

If you’ve been reaching out for a while and you still have no results, do some work for free. Have the same approach as you did before, but this time, offer to do it for free. You won’t need more than three to four clients. Offer to do free work for them in exchange for a recommendation. All they need to do is to recommend you to other people that need the same service that you’re offering. And this is exactly why everything becomes easier once you get your first clients. Most of the clients will come by themselves later on. Once you get better and people start recommending you, you won’t have to reach out to them anymore. At one point, you’ll even have to reject a few of them because you’ll have too many projects. And once that happens, you can be sure that you’ll never be out of money ever again.

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