Real Examples of Making Money Online

There are many Instagram profiles of young millionaires driving fancy cars. They are all in their twenties, and they’re all rich. Sometimes it’s very hard to recognize if they have all the shiny toys or if they rent them. But even if they rent a fancy car and expensive hotel room, they still need money for that. And you’re working your boring 9 to 5, or you don’t work at all. You’re lying in your bed and scrolling through their pictures, confused. How do they do it? Most of them don’t come from rich families.

The funny thing is that most of them are selling online courses. They all sell online courses promising to teach you everything they know. They want to share their lifestyle secrets with you for a small price of $1000 and more. Usually more. And they all sound very promising. Oh, the power of digital marketing. No wonder they say a good salesman can sell ice cubes to Eskimos. 

Remember when you were young? You were watching all these powerful commercials on TV. Coca Cola for example. They make you feel so powerful. No wonder you want to buy their products later on. This is especially powerful when children are watching. This is why many adults still go to McDonald’s. These feelings are strong, and they stick with us from our childhood.

How to Know Who’s Faking?

So, you’ve seen a few ads from these rich guys. But the real question is, who should you trust? And the answer is simple. No one! You should only trust yourself. Now, that doesn’t mean that they are scammers, because most of them aren’t. But you should always research before you buy. It’s not hard to see who speaks the truth and who’s trying to sell you snake oil. 

Let me explain. If you go on their social media platforms and you see all the luxury, that doesn’t mean a thing. Many people make a fortune only by selling online courses. They don’t even make money with the skill that they are selling you. They will create an entire online course showing you how to make money with e-commerce. But all they do is sell online courses. And that’s how they can afford all the luxury. If only 1000 people buy their course this year, they have a million dollars in the bank.

Now, this doesn’t mean every single one of them does this. This is exactly why research is important. Because many people sell very valuable information in their online courses. And it pays off to buy their online course. Most of them will also have a private Facebook group you can join. They usually have a team, and they will help everyone in the group. So you’ll also have a mentorship.


In the 21st century, entrepreneurship has become cool. All of a sudden, everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. And there are many opportunities, especially on the internet. Everyone can do it nowadays. So it’s not a surprise that SMMA is one of the main industries when it comes to online courses.

SMMA stands for social media marketing agency. Yes, I know you’ve seen Tai Lopez ads everywhere. And he seems like a snake oil salesman. But he isn’t. He’s one of the guys that can teach you a lot of great stuff. And he does everything he teaches in his online courses. He may be a little bit expensive when you compare him to other SMMA guys. And to a lot of people, he can be a little annoying because his ads are everywhere. Is he legit? Yes. Is Tai Lopez the best option if you want to start an SMMA? Well, not really.

Tai Lopez can teach you a lot. And you can be sure that everything works. But still, something is missing. He will tell you to charge your client $1000 and close the deal. You can do that, and you’ll probably succeed. But you won’t know why you did it and why you succeeded. But, there’s another guy, Iman Gadzhi, who can teach you even more than Tai Lopez. His courses are more affordable, and more suitable for beginners. He’ll show you what to do and how to do it. And he will explain everything so you’ll know why you do it. Someone might ask, why is it important to know all the detail if it works? Well, if it stops working, and it will at one point, you’ll know why it happened. And most importantly, you’ll know what to do about it.


E-commerce can be even more tricky than SMMA. It’s very easy to fake the results you’re having and show them to your audience. And we live in a day and age where people are constantly trying to prove themselves to others. Most of them will fake so much that you’ll see ten times more than what’s happening in real life. This is why Iman Gadzhi is becoming more and more popular. He isn’t faking anything. You can even see his videos from 5 years ago when he was just starting. Now, if that’s not showing you how many opportunities you have, I don’t know what will.

He even has his e-commerce brand and he speaks openly about it. He’ll tell you how hard it is to run something like that. He doesn’t have an online course on e-commerce yet. But in his SMMA courses, he mostly talks about doing marketing for e-commerce clients. So you’ll learn about e-commerce marketing more than you ever will in e-commerce courses. Not to say they are bad, but it’s better to learn from people that are already making seven figures.

Another guy you should follow is Reece Wabara. He talks openly about his e-commerce brand and gives business advice on Twitter and Instagram. He’ll even show you all the numbers. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have an online course on e-commerce, but you can still learn a lot from him. And when it comes to e-commerce online courses, you should learn from everyone. Of course, you should always look for successful e-commerce business owners in your area. If you live in Southeast Europe, there’s no point taking tax advice from someone living in Florida. But you can learn basic sales and marketing principles from all of them. So if you want to do e-commerce, you should find as many mentors as you can. Learn from everyone, and then find your way.

What is the Least Risky Option?

Successful people tend to say that the more you risk, the more chance you have. But it’s not always like that. If you risk more, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have more chances. But if you take calculated risks, that’s something else. If you understand your field of expertise and invest money wisely, you’re more likely to succeed. 

Many people make the same mistake when it comes to investing. They take the money they saved for their vacation and invest it into a new business idea. And it’s usually another get-rich-quick scheme from one of those online courses. But even if it’s not, you shouldn’t do it. Even if you know what you’re doing, you never know what can happen along the way. So don’t invest your last money into something if you don’t have experience.

The least risky way to go is different than this. You should find a business that’s easy to start, and even easier to quit. That’s usually something you can do with service-based businesses like SMMA. And you don’t even need to buy courses to start doing it. You can find all the information for free on YouTube and Google. For example, if you want to start SMMA, go to Iman Gadzhi’s YouTube channel. He shares a lot of free valuable content that you can use right now. Use the free information he gives you and start finding clients. You can invest in all the online courses later when you start making money.

What to Choose?

Even if you choose the least risky option and start an agency, it’s not the end. There are still many decisions along the way. First of all, you need to choose your main service. That can be web design, Facebook ads, email marketing, or any other service. So make sure that you choose something you know how to do. You can always delegate the work, but it’s better to understand the service you’re offering. You never know what can happen.

Also, remember to niche down as soon as you can. In the beginning, you may offer your service to everyone out there, and that’s ok. Find a few clients and make some money. But as soon as you start making money, you should niche down. You should choose a niche that you’re most interested in. So if you want to do e-commerce, you can do web design for e-commerce brands. Or if media buying is your thing, you should offer Facebook ads to e-commerce businesses. This way, it will be much easier for you to make money. You’ll learn every little detail while doing it. And if you ever decide to start a brand new e-commerce brand, you’ll know exactly what to do.

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