How to Make Money Online in 2023

After everything that happened for the last three years, we were forced to stay inside our homes. The entire job economy changed. Businesses had to adapt to the new normal. People started working from home all over the world. All of a sudden, remote work wasn’t unusual. There was no other option. Business owners had to find another way to keep their businesses working. People needed new alternatives. Online meetings and home offices became a standard. No one even thought about it anymore.

But what happened to online jobs and businesses? Most of them started getting bigger. People are staying at home, and they are ordering more stuff than ever. We thought everything would fall apart, but it turned out it was getting much better. We started earning more money than ever. Yes, we all miss the beaches and concerts. But we are going to enjoy them even more with our pockets full.

If you’re genuinely looking to start making money online, this may be a perfect time. There are more opportunities than ever. Most companies are offering remote jobs. You could work on a corporate job while having a nice warm cup of coffee on your favorite sofa. Does that sound good to you?

If corporate jobs are not your thing, here are some other ways you can start making money online. These can make you even more money. Some of them may turn into a real business over time. And you can do all that while having a flexible schedule. Although, have one thing on your mind. It won’t make you thousands of dollars overnight. But don’t be surprised if it does.

Grow Your Social Media Presence

We live in the golden age of social media. Everyone is online. Even older generations have their own Facebook accounts. But most people use it for fun. Some of them still don’t know how to use them, and they write their Google search on their Facebook feed (Yes, that happens). This is your advantage. If you love using social media, it won’t be a problem for you. You don’t have to know every little thing. Start, and learn along the way.

Don’t be worried about algorithms. They change all the time. The most common way to find out what works best is to use new features. For example, Instagram reels. The best way to grow your Instagram profile is to use Instagram reels. It’s the fastest way to get your content to be seen by many people. Once TikTok started growing, Instagram started to lose the battle. Well, the empire strikes back. It may seem like they are copying TikTok, but we don’t mind as long as it’s making us money. 

This is something you should apply on other platforms as well. Even YouTube has a new feature called YouTube Shorts. Try them all out and see what works best for you.

One thing to keep in mind. Always have high-quality content. Give value to people. If you make good content and give people value, they will be more likely to trust you. They will buy your e-book and join your coaching group. They will share your content with their friends, and your social media will grow even faster than before. Find what you love doing and what you’re good at, and give it to the world.

Become a Freelancer

You may want to grow your social media or grow your business. But you also have bills to pay. Or you want some extra money to invest in the equipment or advertising. Whatever it is. Freelancing is a great way to make that money. You’ll still do what you love and make good money with it. Did you want to grow social media as a graphic designer? You may want to offer graphic design services.

You can find many freelancing websites. Let’s say we use Upwork, for example. The first thing you should do is fill up your profile. Let people know what you can do for them. If you don’t know how to do that, find the ones that are already doing well. But don’t copy. You could get banned. Go to Google and search for the best graphic designers on Upwork. You’ll have an idea of what your profile should look like. 

One of the great ways to improve your chances is to have a portfolio. Upload your best work so your potential clients can see it. They will more likely contact you themselves before you even apply. But focus on getting your first job at the beginning. Once you get that first job, everything else becomes easier. You will start getting high-paying jobs more often.

Start a Podcast

If you’re a good writer, you can easily start a podcast. The best thing about it, you only need your smartphone. You can find good audio software to record and mix episodes. But in the long run, invest in a good microphone and audio interface. It will make your job more enjoyable and easier.

Find your ideal niche. Something that you love. For example, you can start a podcast on graphic design. You can find a variety of topics to talk about. From 20th Century Pop Art to NFTs. There are more and more people listening to podcasts every day. You will have an audience, whatever your niche is. But make sure you love what you do. If you love your niche, you’ll be passionate about it. Don’t talk about Cryptocurrency if that’s not your thing. People will sense it.

Look at how Joe Rogan does it. People who love the show will listen to the entire 3 hours of it. It may sound strange, but wait until you find one that interests you. People are listening to podcasts more than they listen to music. Go and ask any random stranger wearing headphones. At least half of them are listening to a podcast.

Another great way to grow a high-quality podcast is to bring guests to your show. If you host a design podcast, you could bring another designer to your show. Many of them will want to come. You can do everything online using Zoom or Skype. Once you start growing, you will get more popular guests. And designers all around the world will start discovering your podcast. Most of them will listen to your podcast while working. That’s the beauty of it.

Start a YouTube Channel

You’re making some money doing freelance work as a graphic designer. You’re growing your social media. You started your podcast. Your next step is to start a YouTube channel. One of the best platforms out there to get heard and to get new followers. Plus, it pays the creators. If your content is good, it won’t take long until your videos go viral.

What should you post? You have many options here. You already have a podcast, so upload episodes on YouTube. Find some interesting questions, and upload many short videos. Also, make sure to follow up with the platform and use new features. Find some inserts in your podcast that are under 1 minute, and upload them to YouTube Shorts. 

If you want to share your knowledge, you should consider doing tutorials. There are indeed many people out there who want to do graphic design. This is an ideal opportunity for you. Make tutorial videos and teach them graphic design. Show them how to use the software. Teach them how to draw sketches. Simplify the process. You will not only get more followers, but they will look at you as an authority. You know something they don’t. That will open many doors for you. You will be able to have big clients you never thought you could work with.

Selling Online Courses

Now that you started growing on YouTube and social media, you can go even further. People know who you are. They are watching your tutorials. They are following your work. They admire you. And guess what? Many of them would love to learn from you. Of course, they are watching your YouTube videos. But they want it even more intimate.

This is a perfect time for you to start selling online courses. You can do various themes, from designing a logo to growing your YouTube channel. If they already follow you and watch your videos, they will buy your courses. And you can price anywhere from 100$ per course and above. This can make you a high passive income but can also grow into a real business.

You can use various platforms like Teachable to sell your courses. For a small monthly fee, you will have everything set up for you. You only have to upload the videos. Or you can create a website and do everything yourself. Whatever works for you.

Another great way is to sell memberships. This one is even more profitable. There are many platforms you can use, like Patreon and Buy Me a Coffee. People will join the platform to pay you a monthly fee, while you join every week to give them a masterclass and teach them design. You have the option to set many monthly prices. You can offer a minimum price of around 10$, up to 100$, where you could offer them a 30-minute conversation with you once a month. And if you think that’s expensive, wait until they start buying.

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