This is Why You Should Never Do Jobs You Hate

Have you ever thought about applying for a job that you don’t like? That may have happened because you were in a bad place. Sometimes, people do it because they have little children and they need to take care of them. Other times, they only want to make more money. Most of them think that this is a great way to do it. Indeed, you can make money working for someone else. This is how it usually works. But is it the best way to make decent money? Not really. Especially if you hate doing a certain job and your boss is annoying. You’ll hate it even more. 

You’re Only Doing It Because of Money

This is the most common reason people are doing it. They only want to make some more money. And that is ok. There’s nothing wrong with that. We still live in a material world where money does all the talking. So we might as well find a way to make more of it to make our lives easier. But is this the way? Should you work a job you hate only because you want to make money?

Indeed, some jobs can make you decent money. This can make your life much easier and more comfortable. And most of these jobs are not that hard to learn. You can learn the basics and start making a good amount of money as soon as you start working. But is it worth it? That depends on you. If you hate the job that you’re doing, you probably won’t have as many benefits as you think. You’ll make a good amount of money, and you’ll be able to make your life easier. But what about your mental health? Most people forget about that when they first apply. They only do it for the money, and they think about the consequences later on when they happen. Of course, you should always look for a way to make more money. But if you neglect your mental health, it won’t be worth it.

It Won’t Work

What happens if you apply for a job you hate? Maybe you like fast food, and working at McDonald’s excites you. You’ve heard that you’ll probably work a lot, but you’re ok with it because you like doing it. Although, the salary is not as good as it is in a jewelry store. So you apply for a jewelry store, and now you have a higher-paying job.

Now, what happens if this is a commission sales job? Another person is working the same shift as you do. But this person is obsessed with jewelry and loves the job. And you’re only doing it because of money. So what will happen next? Well, this person will be much more enthusiastic about this job than you will. This way, he or she will make three to four times more money than you will. This person will talk about jewelry with a passion so people would want to buy from him. This is going to make you feel even more annoyed. Whenever there’s someone who loves doing the job you only do for money, you’ll lose. The enthusiastic and passionate person always wins.

It’s Not Fair

This is another important thing when it comes to doing the job only to make money. It’s not fair to do it. The business owner is giving you a chance to make both of your lives better. You’ll make him more money, and he’ll be able to pay you more. So you’re only doing a disservice to him if you applied for a job that you hate. There won’t be as many customers that will buy from you. You’re either going to be bored, or you won’t be approachable. And people can sense that. That’s not a good place to be in. 

You’ll Feel More Miserable 

It’s not a pleasant feeling when you wake up early, and you need to work on a job you hate. Let alone waking up much earlier than it’s natural for you. That can only add up to your daily stress. Is there a worse feeling than that? Waking up to something that already makes you feel miserable as soon as you open your eyes. And when it’s time to go home, you don’t even have the will to do anything else. This is not the place you want to be in. Especially if there’s a person that loves doing that same job. That will make you even more miserable. You came to work this job to make more money, and the other person is taking it away. How do you think you’re going to feel? You hate this job, and you don’t want to be here anyway. The last thing you want to happen is to have someone that will take all the money away from you. 

You’ll Be More Depressed

We live in an age where stress has become a big part of our lives. It’s getting bigger and bigger every day, and we need serious help to be able to cope with it. So, if we understand this, why are we constantly trying to make it harder for ourselves? The last thing we want is to be more stressed than we already are. And if you’re doing the job you hate, that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

People tend to play roles and be something that they’re not. They do it because they think it will make them feel more important. They think that they’ll look more successful in the eyes of others. But all they seem to get out of that is depression. And that’s the last place you want to be in. Especially if you’re working on a job you hate. You need to have some kind of drive to be able to get through the day. And if you’re only doing it because of money, it’s not very likely to happen. You’ll probably feel more stressed and depressed as well. 

You’re Wasting Your Energy

You’ll wake up early and feel miserable. You’ll go to work and feel stressed. You won’t have any drive. It will drain your energy even more. Especially if you have an annoying boss and a colleague like the one mentioned above. You’ll be depressed, and you’ll go home feeling empty inside. You wasted all your energy on something that was supposed to make your life easier. But instead, you feel more exhausted, and you don’t even make a lot of money. And as long as there are people that love doing that same job, you have no chance in hell.

You’re Doing It for the Wrong Reasons

This is one of the main reasons people still choose to do it. Even if they’re aware of all the things above. They are doing it for the wrong reasons. They usually want to make money to buy dumb stuff to impress people they don’t even like. And they are about to sacrifice their mental health to be able to do it. So if you thought about doing it, ask yourself, is it worth it?

Now, some people are doing it for the right reasons. They would find a job to make money and work on their goals after work. But these people won’t buy dumb stuff because they don’t care about it. They don’t want to impress anyone. If you see them buy an expensive jacket, it’s usually because they genuinely like it. And they’ve probably earned a lot of money first, so that purchase won’t hurt their finances. 

Lack of Purpose

This is exactly what leads to all of the above. And the main reason so many people are unhappy with their jobs. A lack of purpose is a silent killer. You only want to make enough money to do what you like, but then it drains all your energy. So when you get home, and you have no energy, what are you going to do? Sleep or watch television? Well, you probably won’t work on your goals because you won’t have any energy to do that.

So what should we do? How to find a purpose? First of all, you need to try stuff. Especially if you don’t have clear goals on what you want to do in your life. You should try as many different things as possible. This way, you’ll be more creative, and you’ll feel more alive. You’ll start to have that feeling we all had when we were kids. You’ll feel more enthusiastic about life and everything that’s coming your way. This is why you should have taken a job at Mcdonald’s if that was your thing. You would enjoy doing it much more, and you would be full of energy when you get home. People don’t do this because the salary is lower. But what happens if you turn out to be an ideal person and you work twice as much as everyone else. Well, you would probably become a manager of the restaurant in less than a year. So you would make much more money working at a job that you love. And you’ll still be full of energy when you get home, so you can work on your goals as well.

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