Denny’s Hours of Operation 2022 – Breakfast & Lunch Menu Time

Denny’s Diner, also known as Denny’s Diner, is a restaurant chain that serves table service in the United States. Richard Jezak, Harold Butler and Harold Butler founded Denny’s in 1953.

Denny’s started out as a coffee shop in Lakewood, California. Denny’s is known for being open all day and serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Denny’s Hours

Denny's Hours
Denny’s Hours

Denny’s serves breakfast, lunch and dinner all day, i.e., 24 hours a day in all locations. Denny’s is open on holidays, except when required by law.

Denny’s offers a variety of breakfast options, including hash browns, pancakes and bacon, eggs, sausage and omelets.

Denny’s restaurant offers delicious, high-quality food that is rich in vitamins. The food is also affordable.

Denny’s is the perfect place to find healthy and delicious food at a fair price. Check also Popeyes Hours of Operation

Denny’s Breakfast Hours Opening and Closing

Denny owns more than 1700 restaurants across the United States, including Guam and Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Canada and Guatemala. He also operates New Zealand, Japan and the Dominican Republic.

Denny’s Restaurants offer breakfast in all countries and locations.

Denny’s restaurants are closed when the government gives an order. Except for that, Denny’s restaurants remain open all days, holidays included. Subway Breakfast Hours

Denny’s offers breakfast and lunch at all locations.

Denny’s restaurants offer breakfast all day, but some items are only available after a specific time. Oatmeal, for example, is only available from 6:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

Denny’s famous breakfast dishes are available for you to order.

  • Fit Food Loaded Veggie Omelette
  • Supreme Skillet
  • All-American Slam
  • Sticky Bun Pancake Breakfast

Remember These Points

All Denny’s restaurants are open all year round.

Some Denny’s restaurants close on Christmas Day at some locations.

Denny’s Breakfast Menu Prices

Enjoy a delicious breakfast at Denny’s. Below are the hours of operation for Denny’s and other details.Denny’s has a great breakfast time that is consistent at all locations.You may be wondering what this means. This means that all Denny’s restaurants serve breakfast simultaneously, regardless of their location’s opening and closing hours.Denny’s offers breakfast every day of the year, 24 hours a day. Denny’s restaurants are open 24 hours a day, so you can have a delicious breakfast even if it’s not 4:00 or 12:00 AM.

What time does Denny’s stop serving breakfast?

What time does Denny's stop serving breakfast?
What time does Denny’s stop serving breakfast?

Never. Order and receive breakfast menu items anytime.

However, customers can request breakfast only after the breakfast hours.

They won’t tell you if you don’t ask for a morning meal.

Denny’s actually serves all of their menus all day, so you can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at any time and in any location.

You can enjoy great breakfast at any time. If it’s your birthday, you can also create your own Grand Slam menu to give as a gift.

Take advantage of it if you can.

Back in the day Denny’s had two menus: one for the morning and one for the evening. You could order breakfast 24 hours a days, all day.

The chain now only offers one menu. It includes breakfast meals like eggs and pancakes throughout the day.

Denny’s offers breakfast every day, but there are certain menu items that you won’t be able to order after a specific time. Oatmeal, for example, is not available between 6:00 AM and 2:00 PM.

You can also walk into any Denny’s at 6:00pm if you wish to get a Santa Fe Sizzlin’ Skillet, or Moons Over My Hammy.

Since the 1950s, Denny’s has served breakfast every day of the week, even weekends and holidays. They will likely continue doing so for many years.

You should know that Denny’s breakfast hours are the same in Canada as the US.

Denny’s Breakfast Menu

Denny’s menus vary by location. Some locations even have a separate “Bakery” menu with items such as muffins, specialty coffee drinks, and pastries. The menu also features seasonal specials such as pumpkin pie during the fall holidays.

While many restaurants evolve their menus over time to meet consumer demands, Denny’s has been extremely conservative in its offerings – largely keeping the same basic collection of breakfast/Lunch/Dinner food options that were there at the first restaurant.. The company will sometimes change a couple of things on a regular basis but other than that it really keeps everything else pretty much the same from one restaurant to another… The Denny’s Menu always contains a number of value items – such as the Moons Over My Hammy or Grand Slam Breakfast for $4.99.

Denny’s menu is extensive. The company offers a variety of breakfast offerings from bacon and eggs, pancakes, crepes, omelettes and more. And remember, if you need a late night snack, they’ve got that too with favorites like the chili cheese fries and foot-long flatbread sandwich.

So now that you know what Denny’s is all about, why not stop by one today? Denny’s is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Some not so healthy food for the breakfast crowd including french toast and omelettes.- For more information go to

Healthy but expensive options for people who are health conscious include Egg white Delights Sandwich on Flatbread or Fruit and Yogurt Parfait.- For more information go to a variety of steak, pasta and chicken dishes as well as some appetizers like Mozzarella Sticks… Denny’s also serves many desserts – Banana Pudding, Cherry Chip Cake, Chocolate Sundae Cake..- For more information go to –

the company also offers seasonal specials such as pumpkin pie during the fall holidays.- For more information go to

includes french toast and omelettes.- For more information go to

Also serves many desserts – Banana Pudding, Cherry Chip Cake, Chocolate Sundae Cake…-For more information go to or

What are Denny’s Breakfast Menu Specials?

Here’s the complete list of Denny breakfast specials –

  • $2
    • Egg and a Biscuit With Gravy
    • Chocolate Hazelnut Crepe
    • Toast slices
  • $4
    • Mozzarella Sticks & Tater Tots
    • Everyday Value Slam: 2 pancakes, 2 eggs and 2 strips of bacon or sausage
  • $6
    • Classic Burger
    • Chorizo Burrito
  • $8
    • Grand Slam Slugger: 2 pancakes, 2 eggs and 2 strips of bacon, sausage, hash browns, or your choice of bread, juice, or coffee.

About Denny’s

Denny’s is a restaurant chain with over 1500 restaurants located in the U.S. and 28 other countries. Its headquarters are in Norwalk, Connecticut, in the Metro Detroit area.

Denny’s is known for always being open, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. The company began in 1953 when Harold Butler and Richard Jezak opened Danny’s Donuts in Lakewood, California. They rechristened their restaurant “Denny’s” in 1961. Denny’s menu includes breakfast foods such as waffles, pancakes, eggs and omelettes; lunch items such as sandwiches and salads; and Denny’s Hours 2022 dinner items such as steaks, chicken entrees, some pastas and an extensive list of desserts.

There are many new additions to the Dennys menu including health conscious options with lean ham, skinless chicken breast or turkey sausage patties on Egg white Delights™ sandwich on Flatbread and Fruit and Yogurt Parfait.

Denny’s Breakfast Hours for Holidays 2022

New Year’s Day Jan 1, Wednesday Regular Hours
Martin Luther King Day Jan 18 Monday Regular Hours
Presidents Day February 15 Monday Regular Hours
Good Friday April 2, Friday Regular Hours
Easter April 4 Sunday Regular Hours
Memorial Day May 31 Monday Regular Hours
Independence Day Jul 4, Sunday Hours of operation
Labor Day May 1, Saturday Regular Hours
Columbus Day Oct 11, Monday Regular Hours
Veterans Day Nov 11 Thursday Hours of operation
Day before Thanksgiving Nov 24 Wednesday Regular Hours
Thanksgiving Nov 25 Thursday Regular Hours
Black Friday Nov 26 Friday Hours of operation
Christmas Eve Dec 24 Friday Regular Hours
Christmas Day Dec 25 Saturday Regular Hours
New Year’s Eve Dec 31 Friday Regular Hours

Denny’s Near Me

To check if an outlet is open, use the following store locator ( Dennys menu Near Me).

Denny’s offers a wonderful selection of breakfast sandwiches and burritos as well as pancakes.

We hope you find the Denny’s Breakfast Hours information useful!

What is Denny’s Grand Slam breakfast, you ask?

A Grand Slam is a great option for new Denny’s customers. It’s like a complete breakfast platter. The Grand Slam can be ordered with two buttermilk pancakes and two sunny-side up eggs.

What do I get for my birthday at Denny’s?

Denny’s birthday offer includes a Grand Slam breakfast for free. This offer is only available on your birthday and not for the whole week, like some restaurants.

Is Denny’s still offering the $2-4 $6 $8 $10 menu?

We’ll show you what Denny’s value menu has to offer if you aren’t familiar. Denny’s offers a $2-4 $6 $8 value menu, and many of the current items are still within that price range.

What is Dennys Everyday Value Slam and how does it work?

Two buttermilk pancakes with two fluffy eggs, two sunny-side up eggs* made to order, and two bacon strips.

What is Denny’s hours of operation?

Denny’s offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner serving options. Their breakfast hours, for example, open at 5:00 AM and close at 10:30 AM. Their

dinner hours start at 4:00 PM and end at 10:00 PM.

What are Denny’s hours of operation on Christmas?

On Christmas, Denny’s is open from 7 AM to midnight.

Are Denny’s restaurants open 24/7?

No. They have a Denny’s Hours closing time just as every other restaurant does. However, they offer a special menu for those who come in during their late night or early morning hours as well as those who chose to dine all throughout the 24 hour cycle. In fact, some locations stay open even longer than their regular operating times so that customer satisfaction is met without limits!

What are typical breakfast hours for Denny’s

Denny’s offers different hours for different areas, but they serve breakfast all throughout the day.

what are denny’s closing time?

Denny’s no longer close. They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

what time does Dennys open and what time does it close?

Dennys opens at 5:00 A.M every morning and closes at 10:30 P.M every night. The closing time may vary from location to location due to local laws and ordinances regulating the sale of food and drink after midnight in some areas.. The Denny’s Hours and closing times range from 11pm-1am depending on where you live or if your city is for/against serving alcohol after 12 midnight… But usually they stay open til around 12am-2am…(the later depending if their selling’ alcohol).

what is the phone number for denny’s?

The only numbers i have are their corporate HQ, which you can find on their website, and then also a toll free line that you can call to get the phone number of whomever you’re looking for at Dennys. The toll-free number is 1-800-733-6697 (1 800 DENNYS) and the Dennys customer service number is 1-866-331-1368 (1 866 33 DENNYS). I hope this helps!

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